Mormons view gay marriage

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Mormons feel the backlash over their support of Prop. 8...

Jim Key, a spokesman for the L.A. Gay Lesbian Center, said barbs by gay marriage activists were directed at church leadership, not individual Mormons.Forget Fabio Plain View of Children[...] Patheos Evangelical: HomeAbout David and Nancy FrenchOur BooksSpeaking « Forget Fabio: Books-a-Million Displays Books With Pornographic Covers in Plain View of Children No One Can Unite Evangelicals and Mormons Quite Žena, feminismus Archiv | Mormon Lady friends - spaseni...Rolling Stone music 140325.Neon Trees "Tyler Glenn: Gay, Mormon a konečně venku Huffington Post.14425.Neon stromy "Tyler Glenn Na Být Gay Celebrity Mormon 140515.Tyler Glenn je unavený, že řekl, že nemůže být gay. Mormon church gay marriage - USATODAY...Monson had called for Mormons to give their time and money to help pass Proposition 8, a state ballot initiative to ban gay marriage.